That was their friendship.

It had nothing to do with what they were studying. Considering they met in Physics, you’d think they’d be discussing something pertaining to the said subject. Instead, they blatantly chattered about secret clans and demonic cults in relation to pop culture and celebrities.

The teacher called their attention again; they had sidetracked from the class too much and it was time to focus again, he chastised in a firm, fatherly tone.

A classroom setting morphed into weekly meetups, shopping trips, lunch and dinner dates. The Wait was what kept the adrenaline up during the week until they finally saw each other again, in flesh.

Really, it didn’t matter what they did. The happiness stemmed from each other’s company and whatever they did in the moment: complained about their schoolmates or the huge homework load.

With a base set in something Irrelevant, a friendship that started on mindless talk and weird general knowledge bloomed into an everlasting rose.

Or so they thought.


Irrelevance of a different kind is when feelings are involved.

They are still friends, but tiny fissures have started to appear in the statue they built together. As if by a cruel irony, their families had moved closer together, but they had edged further apart.

Of three, two had their weekly meetups, their lunch and study dates. But the last member of the trio was fading away fast. Maintenance of their statue was a three-man effort but she has become too busy. For all she knew, they were busy too but at least they were trying.

Irrelevance didn’t exist in their conversations anymore – when they met, it was a tense sarcasm marathon, though none of the parties took too much offence. Instead, it appeared like an invisible chain between them. Two felt the irrelevance in their relationship to her.

Perhaps she didn’t know she was hurting them, and maybe they didn’t know she never meant for them to hurt, but the words never said will never be known. Once upon a time finishing each other’s jokes, they could hardly read each other’s faces now, let alone minds.


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